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A large aerospace company was experiencing pain in developing complete creative briefs, developing solutions, and gaining consensus for solutions. Projects were often drawn out well past initial milestones and deadlines due to rework and lack of consensus and buy-in.


To address these challenges, an Aquent talent partnered with one of the client’s creative directors to create the Start Here program. It’s a “design thinking” program that provides a method of problem solving that emphasizes observation, empathy, brainstorming, intuitive insights, and rapid prototyping. This happens in the form of workshops led by the creative director and Aquent talent.

Instead of a team trying to come to consensus via email, the workshops allow teams to create solutions together and propel the strongest ideas forward. By getting the right people together early in the process, consensus is built early on and the solutions are superior. The Start Here team created a “lab” for the workshops to occur.

Since the workshops are very interactive (lots of sticky notes, drawings, games, etc.), they wanted to create a different space for that to occur. The teams love the activity — and the fact that it’s not just a regular meeting with a PowerPoint presentation.


The client’s HR team used the Start Here program to launch a major initiative. HR came to the Start Here team with an effort to rebrand themselves within the organization. Part of that effort was to create an updated Web presence and content. The group came together to discuss and understand goals, the state of their presence now, and what it needed to be. They came up with prototypes for a new website that could be pitched to upper management.

Although a project of that size and scope would have normally taken a year, it only took three months with the Start Here program and process. This program continues and is very successful in the organization.

As one of the client’s creative directors noted, “We rely on Aquent talent as much as on our own people. We’ve been able to mix our people and their historical knowledge with Aquent people who bring fresh perspectives. That fusion brings magic.

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