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Network of Experts

We’ve engaged a group of Industry Experts that can help you make better hiring decisions by providing unbiased technical assessments and feedback about our Talent. These professionals in design, development, and UX contract with us specifically to discuss the technical skills of Talent, and provide an easy to understand assessment that is included when they’re submitted.

Gain objective advice

Review unbiased assessments of each Talent's skills, from professionals who are actively working with global brands and leading agencies.

Reduce time-to-hire

Accelerate the hiring process by interviewing only highly skilled Talent that have been thoroughly vetted and have the technical skills that you're looking for.

Save time screening resumes

Make decisions about candidates faster with clear and concise technical interview feedback.

Achieve consistent results

Ensure high standards of new hires with our standardized, rigorous process centered around discussing their experience and reviewing actual work (portfolios, code, content, etc.) to identify exceptional Talent.

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Benefits. Let us do all of the dirty work.

Gain insights from external experts

Our Network of Experts conducting Independent Assessments interviews are actively working within their respective industries, with many working with global brands and leading agencies.

Save time screening resumes

Independent Assessment feedback is concise, easy to skim and facilitates quick decision making about which Talent to move forward with in your process.

Reduce time to hire

Interview highly qualified Talent with thoroughly vetted technical skills, shortening the hiring process.

Consistent results

Our Experts use a standardized rigorous process centered around discussing a Talents work history / projects, and reviewing actual work (portfolios, code, content) to assess their technical capabilities.