Offering Superior Benefits

We offer exceptional healthcare coverage that far exceeds what other staffing agencies offer. Our talent has access to the same stellar healthcare plan as our internal staff. We pay $2.70 towards our talent's healthcare premium for every hour they work. For a talent working a 40 hour week, that covers a full 89% of their weekly premium cost.

 aquentLeading Staffing CompetitorCompetitor 2Competitor 3
Health Plan Cigna Benefits in a Card Benefits in a Card No health plan offered. Aetna hospital plan only.
Doctor's Office: Primary/Specialist Copay $20/$30 Reimburses up to $50 per visit Not Available Not Available
Outpatient Procedures $150 copay Reimburses 25% Not available under Preventive Care Not available
Approximate Out-Of-Pocket Cost For A 5 Day Hospital Stay (Estimated At $35,000) Employee pays $450 Employee pays $34,300 Employee pays $35,000. (Purchase of optional hospital indemnity plan lowers cost to $34,250.) Employee pays $33,600
Additonal Health Benefits Option of enrolling in a Health Flexible Spending Account. Employees may put pre-tax dollars aside from paycheck to pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses. None available None available None available
Compliant with The Affordable Care Act Yes No No No