Discover how Aquent stands out.

Finding the very best matches is only part of what’s made us the largest digital creative and marketing recruitment agency since our founding. Our people, our technology, and our commitment to service make us the go-to resource for digital creatives.

Data-driven hiring insights.

Talent reviews

Access transparent, unbiased reviews, ratings and recommendations to get a better understanding of candidates’ strengths and past performance.

Independent Assessments

Make the best hiring decisions with objective assessments from our expert interviewers: experienced practitioners in development, design, and UX.

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Making it easy to hire and manage talent.


Our client portal streamlines candidate review and cost management. It includes a simple presentation of submitted candidates and curated recommendations, plus cost and budget reports about current workers.


Scout is a data-driven, recruitment marketplace that connects employers and search firms to fill jobs with great talent. Combining the power of marketplace dynamics and machine learning, Scout creates successful employer-to-search firm recruiter matches that deliver better results, improved efficiency, and lower cost.


Designed for in-house teams, RoboHead is a project management and collaboration solution that gives you insights you need. Know when (and why) projects are delayed, who’s overburdened, and keep the review and sign-off process on track.

Fostering Happy, Productive Talent

Exceptional Healthcare

The health plan we offer exceeds other staffing firms and is audited annually to ensure the best coverage at an affordable price.

In-depth Training

All talent and clients have access to Gymnasium, an online school where creative and technical professionals can take classes for free.

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