People want an environment where they can learn and they can grow. ”John H. Chuang, Co-founder, Chairman and CEO, Aquent

As part of CNBC’s @Work Summit—Adapting for Today, Transforming for Tomorrow— Aquent co-founder, Chairman, and CEO, John Chuang, recently joined Lisa Lewin, CEO of General Assembly, and Contessa Brewer, CNBC Correspondent and Moderator, for a panel discussion on the topic of The Education Evolution: Building a Better Business. Due in part to the pandemic, there’s been an increased desire for meaningful work among talent and a commitment to pursuing the education and training to do that work. According to Chuang, with the increase in remote work, employees have more choices when it comes to their employer. They want a good fit for their skills and needs. As a result, employers need to make sure they are adapting to those needs. Given the pace of innovation, it’s critical for employees at all levels to have opportunities to learn new skills and become educated in new ways of working.

This story originally broadcast on CNBC.

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