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90-Day Onboarding Checklist

Our onboarding checklist template takes you through the employee onboarding process step by step. That helps you engage new hires, ensuring the first months as a member of your team are equally as meaningful as they are productive.

What's Inside

Personalized journey

When you offer personalized onboarding, you empower new hires. It’s an effective way to ensure they know they’re valued at work. Utilize our new hire onboarding checklist and see how.

Action items

During a hire’s initial ramp-up, there’s a ton of information to track. But don’t worry, we’ll keep you organized from start to finish with onboarding best practices and action items for how to onboard a new employee.

Check-in questions

The first three months of a new job can be profoundly overwhelming. Check in with your hires—if you aren’t sure which questions to ask when you’re onboarding new employees, we’ve got you covered.

Progress milestones

Gauge the performance of your new hire throughout the onboarding process, from learning and competencies to demonstrating long-term fit, and more.