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About me

I am long time Gamer (video games) :) starting my career in Atari, and moved into Sega as a huge fan of Sonic the Hedgehog. Dabbled with GameBoy, GameCube, and for the past 15+ years on PC games. In that time, played more Simulation, racing, FPS, 3rd person, PvP and Strategy games and in the last 4 years played on Xbox and most recently play on Nintendo Switch. However, in my spare time, I do voiceovers, connecting with managers and coaches to develop my craft, I am a foodie, being from Chicago, we are all about the Deep dish baby! But, I do like discovering new foods and Indian food is my all time favorite! I like to travel, hiking, going to the gym (hopefully doing it more) and connecting with the best people. Let's make things happen, let's connect, let's grow and rule the world together. #ToTheFuture!!!!

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