Steve Kapner

Managing Director and Japan Country Manager
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Steve Kapner image
+81 3-6328-1606

About me

Aquent has come a long way from 1986 when two classmates and I founded the company in our Harvard dorm. We pitched clients during the day and worked as billable talent at night—myself as an illustrator, copywriter and production artist. Our earliest technology included a Mac 128K, Aldus PageMaker 1.2, and a 300-baud modem. We slept on the floor of the office to save time and ate day-old bread to save money.

During our nearly 25-year history Aquent has found work for designers and marketers over half a million times. We continue to be recognized as a champion of modern work, from the cover of Fast Company to being a part of Harvard Business School's core curriculum to a British Academy Award nomination.

Aquent has four offices across Japan, where we've been since 1997. Like Aquent elsewhere we are the market leader here and work with the same range of clients, from those with the world's most valuable brands to the hottest technology upstarts.

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