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I've been surrounded by creative minds my whole life and I can't believe that I get to do the same at work! I recently relocated to the PNW from Orange County and couldn't be more excited to immerse myself in the creative culture in Seattle! I am SoCal born and bred, a total foodie, a street art lover, and a home brewer! So when I'm not connecting with awesome creative talent - you can find me at a local eatery, surfing street art blogs, or brewing beer in my backyard! I'm ready to chat it up about anything and everything! Design? UX?Comfort foods? Miyazaki films? Game of Thrones? Apartment Therapy? Message me! Let's connect!!


Wonderful people person is an understatement. Shanel has a incredible knack of connecting creatives and potential job opportunities. She has an honesty and strait forward approach that puts both the employee and the employer at ease. I don't just consider her a recruiter, I see her as a friend. Tyson Brown - Creative Director
I've been in the creative industry for a long time, and building and maintaining strong relationships with people is a major key to success. As someone who regularly has to find the right people to get the work done, Shanel has been a lifesaver for me many times. No matter how last minute my requests are to find talented creatives within a budget I can afford, Shanel has always come back with great options, and fast. The level of service and attention I get from her on a regular basis makes it seem like my company is the only one asking, which of course is not the case. I am lucky to have Shanel and the team at Vitamin Talent making me look good on a regular basis! She is an invaluable resource to have on what I consider my Molly Beier - Director of Account Services
Shanel was just what I needed while job hunting. She really went to bat for me, was available for all questions and always had great suggestions, from my resume and cover letters to the opportunities she thought were a great fit. She remained a helpful resource even after being hired. I am in a great job now because of her. Travis Andersen - Senior Graphic Design Manager

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