Head of Creative Operations

Job Terms:
$110K - $150K
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Job Description:


Fantastic Opportunity for Proven Operations, Traffic and Production Leader

Our client, a growing global convenience & fuel retailer, is hiring a Head of Creative Operations to help develop a center of excellence for their print, digital and brand work by building an in-house creative agency.  This critical position will oversee the rollout of creative services and support the business globally.

The Head of Creative Operations ensures all the wheels are turning, and that creative processes are championing business growth.  They’re nimble enough to capitalise on opportunities as they come up and lock down processes to help us standardize practices.  Their day to day focus is continuing to build our centralised team of brilliant traffic managers who support our global business units with their creative asks from both a short term and longer term perspective.  Partnering with the Head of Production Design, they’ll champion the operating mind of the creative team, setting up new processes, bringing in new tools and technology and keeping one eye on what’s coming next.  

Leading a team of traffic managers based in creative hubs globally, our ideal candidate will draw on their solid agency/industry experience and curiosity of new technology, to improve and strengthen the creative development and delivery process.   They will partner across the full spectrum of teams, driving all manner of projects to completion.  


• Optimizing the team, processes, and technology involved in the creative work, so that the final product is always of the highest possible quality.

• Identifying the creative processes in the individual creative teams, and understanding how they can be streamlined.

• Identifying gaps in technology that are holding back the creative workers, and locating tools and solutions that will help address these challenges.  

• Selecting the right metrics and KPIs to judge the success of creative projects.

• Finding time efficiencies: Are the organization’s creative assets being delivered on time? Are there any bottlenecks or inefficiencies throughout the creative process?

• Monitoring capacity: Is the creative team currently producing assets at or near maximal capacity? Are we understaffed or overstaffed? 

• Compliance: Are stakeholders across the company following a structured production pipeline? Are they being reviewed and approved within an acceptable timeline?

• Extra Value Add: Finding new opportunities within the business to maximise monetization within the creative team. 


• An engaging leader who can interpret information and communicate results and recommendations to their teams.

• A leader who will drive performance, is capable of identifying and nurturing talent with the outcome of a consistently productive team.

• A leader who builds connections and can effectively network and coordinate with cross-functional teams.

• Generating progress reports across multiple teams.

• Assisting with onboarding and training the dream team as we continue growing the production, brand and digital team to meet demands. 

• Facilitating and assisting in the management of various projects across various levels and locations.

• Overseeing effective communication to improve stakeholder & creative relationships to allow delivery of work in a timely fashion.

• Communicating across various levels to ensure smooth implementation of current and new policies, procedures and change initiatives and their compliance.

• Looking for opportunities in the existing process to find better ways of working across the teams. 

• Goal-orientated orchestrator who will lead their team to understand the importance of goal setting and achieving.

• Ability to see the big picture whilst focused on the details. 


• 8+ years in related role - creative operations, agency, production house, in-house studio or similar; 5+ years managing and mentoring a team of direct reports.

• Managing relationships with vendors, suppliers and other external parties.

• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

• International experience or experience working with global teams.  Strong understanding of localization practices a plus. 

• Expert knowledge of production management, workflow tools, project lifecycle and Agile sprint methodology.

• Experience with data interpretation, data visualisation and reporting.

• Working knowledge of MS Office, workflow software e.g. Workfront and ideally creative or design software such as Adobe Creative Cloud.