Environment Artist

Vancouver, CA
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Job Description:

This is a great opportunity for an Environment Art Outsource Manager or an Environment Artist with experience in reviewing art and providing feedback to external partners. Working on AAA console titles, you will work with experienced internal and external artists to deliver on the highest quality game environments. You will be collaborating with external partners through documentation and feedback, creating art content, polishing and fixing art bugs. Modeling, sculpting, texturing and surfacing skills are required.


• Contribute to the Environment Art team during all phases of production.
• Creation of 3D assets and textures.
• Fixing bugs and polishing in-game assets.
• Actively accept feedback from the environment art lead and art director.
• Ability to work well under deadlines; self-motivated and works well in collaborative environment.
• Promptly review work submitted by External Partners, ensuring that it hits the quality standards set by our Art and Technical Directors and Leads.
• Work with the External Partners to ensure that the work assigned to them is completed on time, on budget, and to the expected quality bar.
• Ensure that our External Partners have the materials and documentation required to complete their work to the expected quality.
• Train External Partners and internal stakeholders on pipelines and processes used in External Development.
• Maintain regular communication and healthy relationships with External Partners. This may include being available outside of normal working hours to cover different time zones.
• Assist where required in due diligence and onboarding of new External Partners, as well as off-boarding partners from our projects.

Candidate Requirements:

1. Experience as an Envrionment Artist working on a AAA game (2+ years)
2. Experience working with external teams or experience providing art feedback
3. Ability to model, sculpt, and texture environmental assets and surfaces
4. Experience with Maya or other 3D software, Z-Brush, Substance Painter or Mixer, and Photoshop. And comfortable with a modern game engine such as Unreal, Frostbite or Unity