Multiplayer Live Content Designer

Redmond, WA
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Karson Gries

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Job Description

Our gaming client is looking for a Multiplayer Live Content Designer to aid in the creation and management of game Multiplayer content. Are you passionate about the types of experiences players can have in matchmaking and from the community? Do you want to have a pivotal role in how players experience FPS multiplayer content? The Multiplayer Live Content Designer role focuses on the creation and management of live Multiplayer content, including playlists, game modes and other custom content using our in-house tools. They will work closely with the MP, Live, and Forge teams to ensure that content is aligned with the needs of the product. They will also help to find, vet, and curate featured Forge community content. This is a hands-on role that directly affects the player experience in the game.

* Manage the live Multiplayer playlist content pipeline from end-to-end; creation, scheduling, updating, publishing, etc.
* Work with the Multiplayer, Forge, Live, and Release teams to deliver modes, maps, variants, and custom game content on schedule.
* Coordinate and manage custom game map/mode content to be released alongside playlists; images, names, descriptions, etc.
* Plan, design, and validate mode variants through custom games to be integrated and showcased in playlists.
* Collaborate with the Community, MP, Live, and Data Analytics teams to understand playlist and content health.
* Work with the Community and Forge teams to identify, validate, and prepare community UGC content for in-game curation and release.
* Fix issues with playlists and other live MP/CMS content.
* Identify workflow issues with tools to help improve them.

Minimum Qualifications and Skills
* Passion for multiplayer gaming and interacting with the community to curate great content.
* Highly organized and detail-oriented collaborator who can clearly detail goals with partner teams.
* Excellent communication (written and verbal), interpersonal, and organizational skills.
* Excellent work ethic, ability to self-motivate, and a passion for learning.

Nice to Haves
* Past experience working on a live game as a service title.
* Crafting/Forge toolset community experience.
* Familiarity problem solving and debugging with development tools.
* Experience working directly on competitive multiplayer or FPS/shooter games.
* Admin, IT, and/or CMS experience