Game Designer (Gameplay)

Toronto, CA
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Kate Gottfried

Job Description:

As a gameplay designer you are in charge of the core combat of the game based on the vision of the project. This includes the 3C (camera, character, control) and player decision making during gameplay.

Key Responsibilities include:
Make sure that the core combat gameplay is fun and fits the vision of the project
Responsible for coming up with challenges and game modes to take advantage of the core gameplay of the game
Responsible for gameplay balancing to make sure the outcome is fair for players.
Takes into consideration monetization and progression of economy during balancing.
Communicates ideas & strategies well with the team both verbal and written.
Makes sure design documents are easy to read and up to date.
Takes charge of prototyping to prove gameplay concept and systems.
Takes feedback from the team, analyzes and improves existing features based on it.

Key Skills/Qualifications:
At least 2+ years working as a game designer
Min. 4 years of exp. in Solidity/ C++/ Javascript
Huge plus point if you have working experience in a fighting game
Must be pro active, able to work independently and have good problem solving skills.
Passion for playing all types of games and have a deep understanding of the strength and weakness of those games.
Good communication skills to define and articulate your design clearly.
Work well in a team environment.