Technical Writer

Seattle, WA
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$43/hr + benefits
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Jessica Dangott

Job Description:

Client is looking for an outstanding technical writer for the Core AI team. As a technical writer, you will create and publish technical documentation for the Core AI foundation platform, including user's guides of foundational toolings, developer's guides and detailed API documentation.
Successful past delivery of GUI or CLI tooling user guide, and developer-oriented technical documentation for a programming platform is required. Must have experience writing documentation for tools, APIs, and components. Your documentation will be used by internal data scientists and software engineers. This position requires precise documentation and clear communication and presentation skills, along with a solid understanding of software engineering. The ability to create and document code in Java (Scala) or Python is required because you must quickly understand the complexity of our systems, create sample applications that demonstrate individual components of the system, and share this information with others.

Key Responsibilities:
* Design, develop & deliver documentation for the Core AI foundation platform
* Develop content re-use and single-sourcing strategies
* Help evaluate and select tools and technologies for the data scientists team

* 2-4 years in a writing or lead writing role
* Proven ability to work with data scientists and software engineers, and write for such audience
* Experience working with a programming language such as Java or Python is essential
* Proven experience designing documentation for software APIs
* Strong interpersonal, written, and verbal communications skills
* Passion to thrive in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment
* Some experience with big data technology, machine learning or related technologies a plus