Web Engineer - Games

Dallas, TX or Remote
Job Terms:
$125000 - 180000
Start date:
Posted By:
Stephen Charles-Kendall

Job Description:

We’re looking for a remote Web Engineer to join our company to work on our incredibly exciting, and fully funded, triple-A web3 game using Solidity and Unreal


● Work directly with design and art in order to write and get sign-off on technical plans to support the goal(s)

● Implement smart contract solutions using Solidity and provide unit tests

● Support CI/CD pipelines and automated testing

● Contribute to code reviews as reviewer and respond to feedback as reviewee

● Optimize smart contracts for lower gas fees

● Work directly with security auditing firms to adhere to best practices and respond to feedback with appropriate code change proposals

● Implement UI using common web frameworks 


● Experience developing and publishing smart contracts

● Experience optimizing smart contract design and code to minimize gas fees

● Experience with writing secure, testable code

● Experience with web UI frameworks (e.g. next.js, react, angular, …)

● A keen analytical mind, with strong problem-solving skills

● Strong math skills

● Well versed in games and the ability to articulate what is strong/weak about the design of existing games (an interest in online games is preferred)

● Excellent communication in English and interpersonal skills

● Experience working on a live service game

● Experience integrating 3rd party services to support features and development pipelines

● Self-motivated, strong work ethic, and able to work independently

● Creativity in problem-solving and the ability to think outside of the established solutions

● Keen interest in games


● Experience with ERC-20, ERC-1155, ERC-721

● Experience with ethers.js, hardhat development environment, and openzeppelin

● Experience with WebGL and 3D rendering solutions