Content Operations Manager, AI / AR / VR

Remote; Baltimore, MD; Boston, MA; Houston, TX; Los Angeles, CA; San Diego, CA
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Ryan Lack

Job Description:

The client is looking for an experienced editor/writer focused on cutting-edge technology, primarily in AI but also including augmented/virtual reality, and engineering.

You’ll work remotely as part of our client’s technology communications editorial team, which manages a bundle of digital content channels focused on artificial intelligence, engineering, and other aspects of innovation, speaking to an audience of people who work in the field. This is a team of storytellers — a mix of trained journalists, video producers, and marketers. The content produced is tied to business objectives.

The ideal candidate should have a diverse portfolio of content that showcases the ability to convey complicated and nuanced topics in clear, elegant prose for both experts (researchers, engineers, and developers) and non-expert audiences. As part of their work, this individual will collaborate with the clients’ researchers and experts to unpack dense technical work on topics such as self-supervised learning, natural language understanding, object segmentation, zero-shot learning, and Transformer-based AI models. This writer/editor will not just explain how a piece of technology works, but also convey what makes it interesting and noteworthy, why it matters, and how it ties to the client’s long-term vision. With some projects, this individual will write articles from scratch, with input from subject matter experts. With others, this person will revise and finalize drafts written by the subject matter experts themselves.

An ability to identify and connect disparate concepts to shape a narrative is crucial. This individual excels at working collaboratively with executives and colleagues, and consistently delivers high-quality work under significant time constraints. Experience writing about technology for both experts and non-experts is essential. Experience reading research papers and other dense source material is a strong plus.

Experience managing editorial projects – creating workback plans, tracking feedback and approvals, collaborating with graphic designers and others – is a crucial part of this role as well.


  • Help lead the development of up to 10 pieces of content each month, from concept to publication, often under tight deadlines
  • Manage projects with often complicated feedback from partners across the client’s public relations, marketing, creative, product, legal, and engineering teams to outline and develop a variety of content — including articles, scripts, talking points, and other material
  • Research, package, write, and edit content from internal and external sources to develop insightful and engaging company and brand narratives
  • Help develop content beyond text-based stories — including infographics, charts, videos, etc.
  • Interview researchers, engineers, executives, and other people working in tech innovation
  • Use data to inform content recommendations and decisions
  • Work effectively with the client’s distribution lead to help content reach target audiences
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Bachelor’s degree in English, Journalism, Communications, or a related field, or equivalent experience
  • 5+ years of editorial experience, preferably focused on technology
  • Proven ability to quickly identify, research, and package story ideas that stand out in a crowded marketplace for technology content
  • Proven ability to work with dense, complex source material, such as research papers.
  • Proven ability to spot trends and themes, preferably in technology
  • Proven ability to translate dense, technical information into clear, widely accessible prose
  • Proven ability to write short- to long-form content under tight deadlines
  • Experience developing visual- and social-driven content
  • Proven ability to work independently and as part of highly cross-functional team
  • Excellent project management and organizational skills
  • Ability to handle the complexities of creating content for a technology company
  • Proven ability to anticipate and mitigate risk
  • Strong attention to detail