Workfront Project Manager

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Michele Giella

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You are driven by the challenge of transforming a traditional CPG powerhouse into a great design-integrated, innovative, growth company. You inspire and lead people around you, dream big and push boundaries but always deliver.

You are a strategic thinker and exceptional executor. You thrive in the ambiguity of internal and external challenges. You are able to
navigate and collaborate within a global enterprise, supporting a team that delivers award-winning 2D and 3D packaging, digital
platforms, retail environments and e-commerce.

Position Description 
MUST have demonstrated experience implementing project management SaaS tools within creative teams, Adobe Workfront SME preferred. Proficient in identifying and prioritizing needs, self-managing multiple projects simultaneously and reporting on progress.
● Broad knowledge of workflow tools and project management systems used by creative teams in corporate organizations
● Help cultivate Workfront across the CP Global Design, Park Ave group, and contribute to platform adoption
● Provide workflow support, configuration optimization and training to Adobe Workfront users
● Collaborate with Program partners on evangelizing the benefits of enterprise use, ie change management
● Maintain an understanding of project management processes and metrics
● Implement complex solutions from requirements developed in partnership with peers and deliver clear layouts for business leaders and non-technical marketers to grasp
● Map out and define complex data solution requirements to glean insights on platform and process effectiveness to form recommendations
● Candidate must be efficient with time and very organized
● System administration, maintenance, testing (see task breakdown)

Optimistic: You are positive and always look for the favorable side of a situation
Curious: You have an intense desire to know, understand and grow
Resilient: You adapt. You bounce back and stay calm in the face of change
Courage: You thrive in the face of uncertainty. You speak up and take smart risks
Humility: You are modest in the estimate of your own importance. No ego
Empathy: You value the feelings, thoughts and attitudes of others. You’re a team player

Location: Remote acceptable, but must be available for consulting and collaboration during EST business hours.

Task Breakdown
1. User profile management (1-2 hours per month)
Track license thresholds, appropriate allocation across groups, and deactivate unused/terminated seats. Validate users have
appropriate settings—layout template, job role, team assignments, etc. Can be done by setting up a few key reports - does require
manual monitoring of the information. Sample reports:
● Quarterly license audits
● Human Resources termination audits
● Monthly groups and teams audits
2. Report and dashboard management (4-8 hours per month)
Creating and managing reports could be a heavy lift. Create a suite of reports suitable across users through a combination of
wildcard filters. But the path to get there is not always so easy...or quick. Expert advice says to consider three categories:
● Create reports and dashboards to support project managers, project teams, and executive leadership
● Customize layout templates for different user personas by applying dashboards to enhance the user experience
● Quarterly report and dashboard audits
3. Custom fields and forms management (1-2 hours per month)
Consistently review custom fields to ensure right data type (string, date, currency, etc.), and that there’s as little redundancy as
possible. Doing so will ultimately help keep the Workfront instance leaner and reduce the overhead associated with changes.
● Create and update custom fields and custom forms to support the various teams using Workfront
● Review fields across user groups and identify opportunities to consolidate
4. Create and maintain standard PMO processes and training documents (8-32 hours per month)
Define procedures, mapping processes, create and/or maintain training and education materials.
5. Troubleshoot technical issues and bugs and coordinate with Workfront technical support when necessary (40-48 hours
per month)
6. Test Workfront beta preview releases and inform executive leadership and the PMO of Workfront Release changes (4-5
hours per month)
Two scenarios:
1) completely new functionality or features are being released requires assessing whether it makes sense to leverage them
2) if features are being deprecated by Workfront, need to plan how to roll out / train staff on alternatives to minimize risks.
● Workfront conducts three releases a year that have minor and significant changes to the software. It is recommended that
a Workfront administrator or a dedicated resource review and test all new features in the Preview Sandbox region prior to
● Testing is conducted to confirm that current workflows and processes will not be negatively impacted
7. Project development and management (1-2 hours per month)
Assess workflow automation and other collaborative features of Workfront.
● Create project templates in coordination with the PMO
● Quarterly portfolio, program, and project audits
● Quarterly queue audits
8. Perform general maintenance and updates of the Workfront system (4-8 hours per month)
Address user base errors & incorrect settings to help ensure data integrity and accuracy.
9. Create configuration documentation for all internal changes and updates to the Workfront system (1-2 hours per month)
Requirements and design documentation (change log), updated with each major change to have a historical record of all changes
10. Traffic intake management (8-12 hours per month)