UX Researcher

Sunnyvale, CA; Bay Area, CA
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Marly Caro

Job Description:

This program develops software to support the planning, design, and delivery of the company's network.

Several teams are major users of these tools and therefore the beneficiaries of UX improvements (which is defined widely to include automated interactions). 

Improved usability is expected to directly impact cycle times and better decision making through:

  • Improve user satisfaction, evidenced through improved user scores for tooling 
  • User and system error reduction
  • Reduction in toil through a more effective user interface and improved integration between tools (interoperability)

Overall Responsibilities:

  • We are looking for a UX researcher to investigate usability issues in our tools and develop recommendations for improvements.
  • Document user journeys for core user groups
  • Identify and document where different products intersect with respect to the user experience
  • Conduct a user experience review of the product, and gather research insights from users with the appropriate research methods.
  • Prepare and present a report with recommendations for improving core products UX
  • Prepare and present a report on UX best practices in the context of product set
  • Prepare and present a report that defines on going metrics to measure usability 

Top 3 Daily Responsibilities:

  1. Conduct UX studies with our users to understand their workflows and identify pain points
  2. Identify usability / interoperability issues and develop recommendations for improvements.
  3. Present findings and recommendations to teams.


  • Bachelors or relevant experience 
  • 5+ years experience as a UX researcher
  • Running user studies, Qualitative and Quantitative experience