UX Researcher

Open Location; Menlo Park, CA Preferred
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Andrew Banister

Job Description:

The Data Infrastructure team at this company has the mission to empower employees to make meaningful decisions in their day-to-day work.

Come join a diverse and collaborative team of researchers who work to deliver human-centered insights that shape the future of the company. As a User Experience Researcher (UXR), you will collaborate closely with Product Managers, Engineers, Data Scientist, and Designers in a highly technical space to understand complex workflows by conducting foundational research about our users (e.g., jobs to be done or workflows) or evaluative research about specific products (e.g., usability or concept validation). You will partner closely with cross-functional stakeholders to leverage your research insights to drive strategic and product decisions.


- Work closely with product teams to identify research topics

- Ruthlessly prioritize research requests

- Identify research opportunities

- Design studies that address both user behavior and attitudes

- Generate insights that both fuel ideation and evaluate designs

- Conduct research using a wide variety of qualitative methods (e.g., IDIs, diary studies, focus groups, usability, concept validation, etc.) and a subset of quantitative methods (e.g., surveys)

- Work cross-functionally with design, product management, content strategy, engineering, and data scientists

Communicate results and illustrate suggestions in compelling and creative ways

Top 3 must-have HARD skills:

1 Qual methods expertise – IDIs, diary studies, contextual inquiry, usability studies, concept validations, general descriptive stats surveys

2 Experience connecting research to product and informing product decisions

3 Partnerships with a cross functional team

Minimum Qualfications:

- Minimum 5 years industry ux research

- Experience in enterprise software, internal tools, financial, medical or defense fields.

- BA/BS in a human behavior related field, such as human-computer interaction, psychology, sociology, communication, information science, media studies, computer science, or economics

- Knowledge of a set of qualitative and user-centered design methods

- Experience with data and utilizing numbers to define and support hypotheses

- Experience with storytelling to get traction with various audiences

- Experience with autonomy and decision making to balance demands

Preferred Qualifications:

- MA/MS/MBA or PhD


- Research planning & development

- Scoping research problems and questions

- Qualitative research methods

- Research analysis

- Analytical skills

- Design thinking

- Communication

- Collaboration/teamwork with other UXRs and cross-functional teams

- Ability to multitask

- Learn quickly

- Self starter

- Problem solver