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Alec Merriman

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Senior VFX Artist

Full-Time / Remote

We are a new start up games studio with an incredible game that is ready for Closed Beta. The
Bazaar is an infinitely replayable, global and free to play strategy card game for all platforms. In
this genre-bending title, you play as an enterprising adventurer on a quest for wealth and glory
in an intergalactic marketplace.

The Role:
We are seeking a talented technical VFX Artist to create high quality, optimized VFX assets for
The Bazaar. This person would work closely with the Art Director and Content Team, be a
member of a multi-discipline internal art team, and serve as an expert for vfx questions and
challenges that arise for the game as well as for other needs across the studio. Additionally,
there will be opportunities to dive into the automation, scripting, and workflow side of the art
pipeline and to help define and optimize the asset workflow for the game as well as for other
products and teams such as marketing campaigns working with 2D and 3D digital assets.
● Work with the art director and design team to define the VFX asset needs and
requirements for game
● Deliver high quality, optimized VFX assets for the game as well as for other needs across
the studio
● Serve as the expert for any VFX related questions and challenges for the game and
across the studio
● Support and troubleshoot VFX issues that occur in the game