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Lauren Elliott

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Design Researchers lead the team through a journey of human-centered research to uncover insights that contribute to all phases of the design process. They champion the voice of users and leverage inspiration to discover hidden opportunities. You might be a new researcher, just starting to master your craft, or a veteran, who is capable of independently driving research and mentoring others. In either scenario, or anything in between, experience with a variety of qualitative research methods and tools, and experience working on collaborative design projects is key.

As a Design Researcher you will...
Plan and Inspire
+ Design and plan generative, qualitative research, including developing profiles and screening criteria for participant recruitment
+ Identify external experts or analogous experiences to inspire the team
+ Work with a wide variety of stakeholders to define learning objectives and craft research plans

Experiment and Think Creatively
+ Use and help the team use methods such as field observation, analogous research, conversations with experts and extreme users, concept evaluation, and participatory design, to explore the edge of what’s possible in the near and far
+ Design compelling research experiences that generate actionable insights
+ With the design team, create research stimuli to deeply understand user needs, uncover possibilities, and test assumptions
+ Experiment with different tools and methods to stretch and challenge our learning

Facilitate and Synthesize
+ Synthesize research findings and unearth systems-level patterns and frameworks
+ Help develop creative storytelling tools to enable design for user goals, values, and aspirations
+ Make research findings relevant and impactful for design through a variety of formats such as insights, decks, stories, videos, and experiences
+ Facilitate post-research learning events such as generative design workshops


Basic Qualifications:
+ Bachelor’s degree
+ 2+ years of qualitative research experience culminating in a sound ability to scope a research plan, conduct fieldwork, lead synthesis and storytelling
+ 2+ years’ experience using human-centered design, design thinking principles or methods

Preferred Qualifications:
+ Experience in designing and/or facilitating group collaboration workshops.
+ Master’s or PhD in sociology, anthropology, psychology, design, or another liberal arts degree
+ Experience working on highly collaborative teams, or other multidisciplinary teams



25% Travel Required

Client Description:

Our client is an American multinational automobile manufactureR in fact, they have been leading automobile innovation for over 100 years! They are a company that is used to adapting, evolving with the current needs, and leading noticeable change. Our client is focused on helping to create a world with fewer obstacles and limits that will help all people move forward! Our client is one of the most recognized, awarded and established global companies that continues to innovate toward a more clean and sustainable future.

The company culture is anchored in shared values and acting for the common good. The company values include curiosity, putting people first, doing the right thing, being tough and playing to win. Each value acts as a guide on how our client lives, acts, and communicates ensuring that they stay focused on what is most important--consumers! While this company is already amazing, your digital expertise can help make it extraordinary! You will implement your creative processes, use your innovative ideas and fresh perspective to create a seamless consumer experience. You will gain new skills (while sharpening your current ones), new experiences, partner with individuals across the globe and expand your portfolio with this rare opportunity. With forward and innovative thinkers--like you, the sky is (quite literally) the limit. Apply today to see what exciting opportunities we have waiting for you!

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