Digital Marketer

Denver, CO or Austin, TX
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Job Description:

Marketing Campaign Development and Execution You possess sharp strategic and technical skills to drive clarity and forward thinking solutions in complex program and creative scenarios across a range of channels and marketing use cases. You have a proven track record of developing, reviewing and approving, and coordinating a multi-channel launch of new and updated marketing assets. Your rationale is always informed by voice-of-the-client or prospect and voice-of-the-field insights, desired business outcomes, the end user experience, plus data and insights to achieve successful product and experience launches with the best user experience possible.

o Managing agency – oversight and timelines, etc.

o Digital experience – some experience with email marketing and website development (not tech, marketing strategy) – corporate level – understand the needs of the publishers and timelines, etc.

• Governance & Optimization: You have an innate aptitude for governance including: planning, structure, process, and documentation. You’re detailed and capable of managing a high volume of work streams yet proficient in understanding and communicating ‘big-picture’ strategy. You effectively track personal status as well as report out on team-level status to managers and leadership. You are forward thinking and communicative with partners and team members to identify project hurdles and issues and can identify effective resolutions and process adaptations to increase efficiency.

• Communication: You have a track record of excellent verbal and written communication skills that leads to new thinking and drives more efficient management of the marketing program.

• Collaboration: You thrive in cross-functional teams of diverse experts – product and client experience, agency, content strategists, data and analytics, marketers and others and successfully build meaningful connections across all parties to deliver results


Required Skills:

• 6+ years of digital marketing experience required.

• Experience with client and prospect marketing campaigns that consist of multiple, coordinated assets to be launched strategically.

• Data driven and analytical focus; ability to drive new thinking and hypothesis, synthesize qualitative and quantitative data, identify feasible options and evaluate strategic trade-offs.

• Highly adaptable, team player with superb verbal and written communication specifically, in framing problems, ability to present options and rationale clearly and concisely.