VFX Artist

Vancouver, CA
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DOE + Benefits
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Lucas Manzaneres

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The VFX Artist is responsible for creating and implementing high-end real-time visual effects into a game using Unreal Engine

Unique selling points
Our team is comprised of deep creative and technical expertise from our industry’s top shooter and action titles, working cohesively to delight our fan base and shatter expectations of what is possible.

Value added / experience gained:
Opportunity to work on a well-known AAA franchise and the team itself has a lot of control over the project, design all of the non-core aspects of the games (outside of running and shooting) and lots of challenging technical pieces!
Years of experience required:
• 2+ years of experience in video games (preferred) or related field such as film or television
• Art-related degree or comparable professional experience, and experience creating 2D and 3D digital art
• Understanding of real time VFX techniques and Unreal Engine basics
• Ability to organize and manage time effectively to meet deadlines

• Comprehensive knowledge of Unreal Engine
• Experience creating VFX shaders, particle systems, physics assets and simulations
• Successful collaborations with people in other disciplines such as Design, Programming and Narrative
• Desire to push the real-time VFX industry into the future
• Experience creating visual effects in Houdini

Please include portfolio or sample work.

Degrees or certifications required:
Art-related degree or comparable professional experience

No experience using Unreal Engine or experience in the video game industry or film/television. No experience creating 2D and 3D art. Portfolio does not meet quality bar.

Best vs. average
The best candidate will have 2 years of experience as a VFX Artist at another gaming studio. They have a keen eye for creating high quality 2D and 3D art and are comfortable using Unreal Engine and Houdini.