Interaction Design Lead | 59017 - 1 | HM Carmen Z. TA Mayra

Oakland, CA (Remote anywhere in CA)
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47 hourly
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Kate Gottfried

Job Description:

Day to Day Responsibilities of this Position and Description of Project:
• Design Process: Follows a rigorous design methodology. Learns from more senior designers in better techniques and tools.
• Design: Solid knowledge of interaction design for responsive web and native mobile. Has good understanding of patterns and approaches. Produces high-quality user flows, flowcharts, diagrams and deliverables.
• Complexity: Leads medium to larger scale digital products and may support Principal Interaction Designer in large scale and complex projects.
• Prototyping: Has working knowledge of creating basic to sophisticated prototypes with multiple user pathways. Can produce multiple versions of rapid prototypes to quickly evaluate patterns. Works closely with user research to find optimal experience.
• Evaluation of systems: Has solid knowledge of performing heuristic evaluations of systems. Makes recommendations for improving systems based upon leading solutions in marketplace.
• Software Development Life Cycle: Good understanding of software development and versatile in working with developers, product, marketing and IT to implement winning solutions.
• Agile/Scrum team participation: Serves as a dedicated member of working Agile scrum team or as a shared resource depending on the level of complexity for solution design.
• Accessibility: Basic knowledge of accessibility and designing accessible patterns in web and mobile. Works with more senior designers to define accessibility standards and ensures that design choices and patterns are optimized for accessibility from preliminary concepting through final design.
• Partnership: Establish excellent relationships with working teams — IT, Product, Development, Marketing.