Technical Art Lead

Seattle, WA
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Stephen Charles-Kendall

Job Description:

Tech Art Lead – Game

We’re a mission-focused team with industry roots in world-class game development, studio
building, and platform creation. 
Our goal is empowering the world to share in our playful collaboration at the intersection of
gaming, creation, and ownership. 
Effective Tech Art Leadership is a critical ingredient to our success. Come join our mission to
create the future of entertainment. On this team, you will solve in-game and production
challenges through tools, optimization, and communication. Candidates can interpret the needs
of artists and deliver tools and pipelines that empower the team’s best work. You’ll be
empowered and given autonomy. Your ideas will matter.  

The Job  
 Communicating new ideas/technologies and industry best practices clearly and
succinctly to other team members and disciplines.
 Grow and mentor the tech art team for the game, creating a norm of high-performance,
with opportunities and challenges for growth.
 Set and enforce technical standards across relevant teams.
 Work closely with engineers to communicate high-level architecture, processes, and
technical budgets to the art team.
 Ensure the quality, consistency, performance, and stability of technical deliverables
 Manage technical requirements and risks, removing roadblocks, raising red flags, and
proposing sound solutions.
 Iterate on and document studio tools.
 Work with external engineering and art partners as needed to deliver key features.
 Work with other game team Leads to foster good communication, drive consensus, and
sustain healthy working relationships.
Who Will Be A Great Fit  
We welcome your uniqueness. Research shows that diverse teams do the best work. Our
customers are all over the world, and from all walks of life. It's important that we’re not all the
same, so that we can draw on our differences, what we’ve experienced, and how we think.  
 8+ years of tech art experience.

 Strong knowledge of relevant code and scripting languages (Python, MEL, HLSL,
 Strong working knowledge of common AAA art authoring tools and the Unreal
 Knowledge of Java, C++ a plus.
 Shipped at least two AAA titles, including multiplayer features.
 Solid knowledge of game technology domains, i.e. rendering, animation, AI,
cameras, controls, online, audio, build pipelines, etc.
 People management experience, including career progression, mediation and
conflict resolution skills.
 A passion for making and playing games.
Nice to Have 
 Experience rigging and skinning characters, weapons, and equipment.
 Experience shipping games in a shooter genre and UGC tool sets. 
 Experience with game-as-a-service schedules.  
 Office365 and Google Suite proficiency.  
 A mindset of continuous improvement; humble and ambitious. 
 Prior experience in a startup environment or small business. 
 Adaptable, with a good sense of humor.  
The Perks 
 Competitive Salary and excellent Benefits.  
 Flexible hours, with the potential of remote working.  
 Visibility and input to business strategy, including technology and creative
 Autonomy and latitude within your role.  
 Seattle’s healthy living and vibrant city culture.  
 Tight knit, highly experienced, fun-loving team