Gameplay Development Lead

Seattle, WA
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$115000+ negotiable
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Stephen Charles-Kendall

Job Description:

Development Lead, Gameplay - Game
Seattle, WA
We’re a mission-focused team with industry roots in world-class game development, studio
building, and platform creation. 
Our goal is empowering the world to share in our playful collaboration at the intersection of
gaming, creation, and ownership. 

Exciting, performant gameplay is a critical ingredient to our success. Come join our mission to
create the future of entertainment. On this team, you will design, code, and lead engineering
efforts to deliver world-class gameplay experiences. You’ll be given autonomy. Your ideas will
The Job
 Work with the Gameplay Design Lead to create a compelling, top tier gameplay
 Be responsible for the success of the gameplay programming team.
 Ensure efficient and timely delivery of core gameplay features and communicate
to other leads if the team is not scoped properly. Collaborate with other project
leads to ensure the engineering team is delivering effectively.
 Distill high-level feature requests into meaningful, actionable tasks and effectively
delegate those to the team.
 Architect the systems needed to deliver gameplay features, and communicate
intentions, assumptions, and constraints.
 Participate in writing code – the lead needs to have direct understanding of the
code and challenges facing the team.
 Proactively identify opportunities and risks to improve the work of the team, the
quality of the project, and studio knowledge as a whole.
 Maintain the relationship between stakeholders, often working as a conduit for
 Work with a quick and decisive pace, and a positive attitude.

 Play the game at all stages of production to write up detailed bugs and make
suggestions for improvement.
 Understand the entire production pipeline and each development discipline.

Who Will Be A Great Fit
We welcome your uniqueness. Research shows that diverse teams do the best work. Our
customers are all over the world, and from all walks of life. It's important that we’re not all the
same, so that we can draw on our differences, what we’ve experienced, and how we think.
 8+ years related experience and/or training, or equivalent combination of
education and experience.
 A proven track record of working in a technical, decision-making role for a
minimum of two AAA titles that have shipped. Multiplayer experience is essential.
 Have a thorough understanding of each discipline in game development to
communicate a unified vision across all production departments.
 Experience growing a game team, managing people through product launch.
 Experience working directly with game production software and pipelines.
 A strong history of balancing game mechanic specifications with design iteration
needs and performance requirements.
 Strong C++ skills and the ability to code gameplay mechanics and tools.
Nice to Have
 Experience shipping games in a shooter genre and UGC tool sets
 Experience as a department lead for a game-as-a-service product.
 Experience working in Unreal Engine.
 Exceptional communication and collaborative skills to ensure quality while
accepting input from department subject matter experts.
 Strong analytical skills as well as a basic understanding of technical
requirements as related to game production.
 Bachelor’s Degree (or above) in computer science.
 Office365 and Google Suite proficiency.
 A mindset of continuous improvement; humble and ambitious.
 Prior experience in a startup environment or small business.
 Adaptable, with a good sense of humor.
The Perks
 Competitive Salary and excellent Benefits.
 Flexible hours, with the potential of hybrid working.
 Autonomy and latitude within your role.

 Seattle’s healthy living and vibrant city culture.
 Tight knit, highly experienced, fun-loving team.