Graphics Coordinator / Creative Project Manager

Los Angeles, CA
Job Terms:
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Andrew Banister

Job Description:

Help facilitate the workflow of Motion Graphic project elements from conception through production and approval phases, assuring on-time completion and efficient communication, production, asset management and delivery.

Primary Functions and Responsibilities:
● Review all submitted graphics and social brand graphics requests in m360, making sure reference material and textless passes are provided; QC requests for tag accuracy; research language, deadlines, and premiere dates, double check requests for existing graphics. Prep materials for Creative Review approval and review. Assist with checking all project deliverables for accuracy. Help accommodate shifts in priorities and be informed on the status of current projects.
● Coordinate all production and delivery for network insertions: snipes, watermarks, and network bugs.
- Coordinate all efforts with other departments.
o Deliver snipe or watermark files and tag information to Broadcast Operations & Engineering.
o Attend weekly QC sessions
o Maintain all snipe and watermark documentation in spreadsheet format.
o Attend weekly meeting with Marketing & Creative, Media Planning, and
Broadcast Operations and Engineering.
● Interface with agencies to assist with graphic materials and needs. As needed, create graphic requests on behalf of vendors, provide existing graphic elements for rough cuts as well as manage completion and delivery of their graphic elements if a vendor is finishing.
● Maintain the Motion Graphics Vendor Toolkit to provide vendors with the set of graphic elements and project files to correctly produce on-brand graphics for the network.
● Conduct daily file maintenance, archiving rough and final samples to the shared drive for reference.
● Assist in competitive analysis, by collecting and organizing other networks social and network trends or strategies.
● Assist and support the Freeform Marketing & Creative team with other department-wide initiatives as needed.
● Serve as a backup to other coordinators.

Basic Qualifications:
● 1-2 years of motion graphics experience.
● Strong communication skills and ability to work with a variety of personalities.
● Proven ability to multi-task.
● Strong organizational skills and attention to detail.
● Competency in Design Software: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Maxon Cinema 4D.
● Expertise in basic business tools: Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, Keynote software.

Preferred Qualifications
● Outstanding verbal and written interpersonal skills.
● Strong knowledge of After Effects, Photoshop and Final Cut Pro

Required Education:

● BA w/interest design or yrs of experience (5+)

Preferred Education:

● Bachelor's Degree w/interest design