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Menlo Park, CA
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Jennifer McKeever

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Research is paramount to this program's success - formative research to identify the latent needs or problems in the world to tackle with product solutions, design research to shape early product ideas, and evaluative research to improve and prepare those products as well as understand how they are resonating for the market.

We are seeking a Qualitative Research Contractor to join us, where you will partner with 1-2 of our entrepreneurial teams to facilitate a deeper understanding of customer needs, expectations and behavior to generate new product ideas and opportunities as well as evaluate the user experience and consumer sentiment of our products.

Core responsibilities include:

- Collaboratively and independently develop and execute on research roadmaps

- Lead research studies throughout all phases of the product development cycle, applying a wide variety of qualitative research methods based on what’s appropriate for the research question

- Generate and communicate insights to influence product decisions

- Devise and execute creative methods to help product teams internalize and act upon research


- 2+ years experience in applied product research

- Strong communication (both written and verbal), problem solving, customer service, and interpersonal skills

- Strong ability to work independently, make decisions, weigh tradeoffs and manage one’s time

- Experience with a variety of qualitative research methods such as in-depth interviews, contextual interviews, focus groups, and diary studies

- Experience clearly and effectively communicating research findings and implications to audiences

- [Preferred] Background in diversity, equity, and inclusion


- Minimum BA/BS in a human behavior related field such as human computer interaction, psychology, social science, information Science, computer science, economics or media studies