Consumer Experience Strategist

Baltimore, Maryland (REMOTE)
Job Terms:
Start date:
June 2021
Posted By:
Julee Grupe

Job Description:

Major Medical, Dental, Vision, and matching 401k

Candidates can be REMOTE-Must work EST hours

The Consumer Experience Strategist (CX Strategist) is responsible for leading cross-functional projects to uncover drivers, pain points, and unmet needs. They facilitate working sessions to explore new solutions and bring Design Thinking methodology and mindset to everything they do. They lead with the voice of the consumer to challenge the status quo and empower the compnay to use data as a strategic weapon.

Bring best practices of CX work
• Proactively know what tools (from lean, agile, design thinking) to use for a given situation and plan the work, including workshop or sprint planning, owning the end to end execution of the sprint (pre-work ? sprint facilitation/lead ? post sprint read-outs/next steps)
• Work independently to create deliverables such as journey maps (current & future), service blueprints, executive presentations
• Challenge teams to think about creative solutions using various idea generating methods and mindset
• Experience with Mural and virtual work environment (including virtual facilitation)

Service Design
Empathize with and amplify the consumer’s point of view
• Bring together various data sources to understand consumers’ friction points, motivations, needs, goals, etc. and uncover the “why” behind consumer actions from a holistic, data-based view
• Document/refine data-based enterprise personas of the target consumer to build empathy, share emotional and functional needs, and help teams create experiences
• Document current and future consumer journeys, identifying key activities, touchpoints, emotions, supporting data, and opportunities
• Apply CX work to strategic initiatives, developing the service blueprint (all the operational and technical processes) required to test and deliver the experience

Create and tell compelling stories at every stage of the process to engage stakeholders, explain goals and tactics, and bring CX to life in the organization.
• Excellent communication skills in both written and verbal form. Capability to communicate complex ideas effectively
• Prepare C-Level presentations and present to cross-functional leadership
• Ability to synthesize disparate information to unlock relevant insights
• Effectively facilitate virtual working sessions with cross-functional, global groups
• Utilize virtual collaboration tools (i.e. Mural) to help others engage
• Empathize with business partners and grasp context (goals, timelines, constraints, etc.) to reframe business challenges to a consumer-centric strategic frame
• Storyboard and visualize concepts to effectively align mental models

• Relevant experience, and proven track record in deploying technology programs to drive business value (customer experience, supply chain, manufacturing, procurement, etc.) The candidate will also have a proven and successful experience crafting strategic roadmaps, leading to the development of comprehensive strategies that contribute to the improvement of business performance.
• Demonstrated ability to use digital analytics, customer feedback, user experience research, and other qualitative and quantitative metrics to inform product planning and prioritization.
• Progressive experience in practicing, leading, and influencing human centered design methodologies at scale in a corporate environment.
• Self-motivated, proactive, taking initiative, and with exceptional problem-solving skills.
• Must have the ability to make strong, lasting, and meaningful connections with others, which will aid in the execution of duties in this highly collaborative role.

Required to work in a fast-paced environment with many moving pieces
• Effectively manage numerous meetings, emails, and demands on time
• Ability to know when to challenge the norm, have patience and perseverance when doing so
• Provide transparency on work output, status of deliverables and projects
• Divide and conquer to collaborate on tasks and work efficiently as a team