Research Assistant

Menlo Park, CA; Burlingame, CA
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Jennifer McKeever

Job Description:

The main function of a research assistant is to support research teams in conducting research studies on topics needed by the busines. RAs will be responsible for the set-up, implementation and data collection for the studies. They will need to work with researchers or operations to ensure that the study equipment is set up and the study follows all applicable safety plans.

Job Responsibilities:

• Assist principal investigator with experiments involving human subjects.

• Stage and set up equipment for the study. Study set-up may involve engaging with engineering, external equipment vendors, internal and external safety evaluators, and the research study team to ensure the equipment is set up properly;

• Conduct the study. This includes any or all of the following: screening participants, obtaining participant consent, assuring the privacy and confidentiality of participants and their data, instructing study participants and guiding them through study procedures, running the study procedures, collecting the data per study design, formatting and annotating the data, and creating basic reports regarding the data. The RAs are expected to follow procedures related to maintaining confidential information and handling of confidential data.

• Study support services. Support research and development in various areas including data collection, onsite handling, tracking of participant compensation and tracking of equipment and procedures;

• RAs may assist the study project manager and external recruiting services in participant recruiting and scheduling activities; and

• RAs may pilot experiments, make observations, and give feedback to the study team to optimize study procedures.

• Collect and analyze study data- basic statistical analysis - no advance (regression, statistical modeling)

• RAs may research technologies and equipment that can facilitate experiment

• RAs may help with experimental design and provide useful feedback prior to studies

• RAs may summarize literature reviews

• RAs may purchase research papers

• Troubleshooting when the tech stops working and no one (Engineering or UX Technical Support) is free to help

• Using ADB & other systems

• created a solve to make casting from the headset or other devices possible

• Lab maintenance

• Asset management


• Verbal and written communication skills, problem solving skills, attention to detail and interpersonal skills.

• Ability to work independently and manage one’s time.

• Knowledge of project management methodologies and project tracking is a plus

• Ability to collaborate with stakeholders

• Previous experience with computer applications, such as Microsoft Word and Excel, Google

Minimum Qualifications:

Bachelors in Cognitive/Experimental Psychology, Human-Computer Interaction, Anthropology, Cognitive Human Factors, or a related field

Experience in designing research to answer questions about the user experience

1+ years experience working as the primary investigator on a project

Preferred Qualifications:

Experience in the AR/VR space