Senior Content Strategist

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Erica Schmidt

Job Description:

Only Candidates in CA will be considered.

This Digital Content Team provides full-service SEO, content strategy & publishing services to help achieve our collective goal of providing a user experience worthy of our friends and family when using our companies' websites.

The Senior Content Strategist will be an advocate for usability of websites from the content perspective, including site architecture, usability, findability, labeling, editorial voice, brand and user-centered content strategy, & SEO best practices.

The successful candidate will have the ability to add value to stakeholder requirements with user-centered strategies that drive online business success. The candidate will be able to apply business sense and marketing savvy to construct websites, sections and pages to satisfy these needs.

This person must also be a strong web writer and editor who can construct compelling UI copy to help users understand and complete tasks; convey complex health insurance product and service information in a way that is easy to understand and act upon; and craft effective, on-brand marketing copy for campaign collateral.

The person in this role must also have expertise in SEO, including the application of best practices, as well as skills in keyword research and strategy. The ability to interpret and apply web analytics data in order to optimize websites and pages is also required.

Also key to this role is fluency in content management systems, with skills in CMS operation and demonstrated experience managing content on large, complex websites.

Key Responsibilities:
• Work closely with product managers, marketing, and business partners to translate requirements into effective content and information architectures that drive user adoption rates for self-service features, retain members, increase revenue from online applications, and precisely communicate product features and benefits.
• Write, edit, and proof content
• Contribute to the identification of unmet site-wide needs by suggesting navigation and content improvements, contributing to strategic solutions
• Gather project requirements and explore strategic content design and solutions that clearly fit business goals and user goals
• Effectively and convincingly prepare and present content strategy recommendations to product managers, business unit clients, and executives
• Embrace and implement SEO best practices to support findability, usability and marketing objectives by optimizing on-page content, content structures and metadata
• Will take direction from the Manager of Content Strategy, but need to be able to work as a lead to explore and create successful content and navigation solutions
• Work closely with the product, engineering and QA teams to support implementation and QA efforts
• Participate in formal and informal content critiques; give effective feedback to peers
• Serve in a supporting role in the planning and development of web portal capabilities

Candidate must posses:
• Excellent writing and editing skills, with a strong command of best-practice web content standards, with strong SEO research and implementation skills
Expertise in Content Management Systems - HTML and CSS required
• An understanding of user-centered design and navigation principles
• Ability to operate effectively and collaboratively on a cross-functional team that includes Interaction Designers, Visual Designers, Content Strategists, Web Editors and Usability Researchers/Testers
• The creativity and ingenuity needed to create content strategies that balance user needs with business/legal requirements
• Excellent communication, speaking and presentation skills
• Excellent customer service skills with ability to work with all levels of the organization

• Minimum 5 years experience optimizing content structures, writing, editing and producing content for major customer-facing websites
• Strong skills in content management, including using content management systems and other web technologies