UX Designer

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Tova Dodge

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 Be a part of a team of smart, interesting people who spend their days creating the next big thing in e-commerce interactions. 
- Work with brands and retailers in the US and abroad to design end-to-end e-commerce experiences

What you’ll be doing
- User needs research and analysis: Employ a variety of user research techniques to bring new insights into how clients understand their customers' online shopping needs
- Business process analysis: Help clients integrate online processes with offline business practices and multi-channel sales strategies
- Structuring complex content: Create calm in the chaos of organically growing and changing product offerings
- Designing Web site organization and navigation systems: Translate user and business needs into meaningful product and navigation taxonomies
- Developing user interface functional specifications: Define the user experience at every level of the functionality
- Measuring success: Develop key performance indicators to track the success and progress of our clients and your design ideas, and make plans to adapt accordingly.

- Demonstrated ability to develop happy teammates and clients
- Exceptional analytical skills
- Strong written communication and presentation skills
- Ability to convey business concepts to technical folks and technical concepts to
business folks
- A strong understanding of current Web and information technologies
- Mastery of details
- Ability to closely collaborate on teams with team members with creative and
technical backgrounds
- Figma and Axure skills
- Experience with user research is required