Consumer Experience Analyst

Baltimore, MD
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Competitive w/ full benefits
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PJ Farnham

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We need somebody who is comfortable and experience with managing lots of data to surface insights
They will be looking through data sets they have, data coming in from surveys, consumer survsys, reviews, social media, etc. all data is coming into them and need somebody to work with tech
QUALTRICKS, - that tech and other tools to uncover insights and trends to build stories from this data

Comfort with the data, looking and monitoring data, preparing presentations to tell a story from UA perspective, owning social listing capabilities
No social listening outside of listening for how well they are going with marketing campaigns but don’t look at what’s going on with target consumer and what are they saying out there
Other area is being thought leader for them on what data should they be collecting and why
Metrics and KPI they should be using to tell a story around how well they are doing with a brand in consumer exp

Surface insights and how well are they doing?
Lead conversations on what should CX dashboard be (no baseboard now)
Collaborative with IT Department to see what dashboard should be

Since new capability and first time collecting this information and surfacing to company - wants to spend time educating other team mates on how to use the data and can’t manage all demand from org when somebody wants to know what’s going on with consumer experience ce

They should socialize what they have with voice of the consumer - comfortable with articulating what is voice of consumer, why they have it, why use data and access tools, et.

Other tools are acceptable with Sprinklr

Collecting data, synthesis, form insights and share back to more journey and blueprint

Where we need to start on what we need to focus on then go to journey map to opportunity to grow on some other initiatives
Collect data and evangelize it around organization