Consumer Experience Analyst

Baltimore, MD
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PJ Farnham

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Job Summary:
The Consumer Experience team is new r and is required to help transform the company from product -led to purpose-led, consumer-centric to grow our direct-to-consumer business. The CX team has 3 priorities which are to build & democratize Voice of the Consumer data, create & socialize personas and consumer journeys to inform priorities and finally to evangelize consumer experience with training.
The CX Analyst will provide support in generating consumer journey maps, executive presentations, and leading cross-functional projects to uncover athlete's drivers, pain points, and unmet needs. They
will facilitate working sessions to explore new solutions and bring Design Thinking methodology and mindset to everything they do. They lead with the voice of the consumer to challenge the status quo and empower and to use data as a strategic weapon.

Key Accountabilities and Scope of Role
• Develop current and future consumer journey maps, service blue prints, and action plans
through Voice of the Consumer data to uncover opportunities for UA to improve
40% of time
• Support Voice of the Consumer work to generate insights that inform personas and journeys
• Bring together various data sources to understand consumers’ friction points, motivations,
needs, goals, etc. and uncover the “why” behind consumer actions from a holistic, data-based
• Partner with Consumer Insights team and Brand Marketing to ingest data and update personas
and journeys accordingly 20% of time
• Provide support for sprints to operationalize ideas and recommendations from journey mapping
and persona work
• Socialize and evangelize human centered design across UA, challenging teams to think about
creative solutions using various idea generating mothods and mindsets 20% of time
• Collaborate with CX teammates & coordinate content for key milestones (ELT/QBR meetings, PF
meeting, etc) 20% of time

Core Capabilities
Organizational Impact and Contribution

Organizational Impact and Contribution:
The CX Analyst should be able to work independently to complete tasks and know when to reach out to CX Strategists for
support. No responsibility for managing teams, revenue or budget (other than report on it)

Creativity and Innovation:
Design Thinking training and 1 year experience applying design thinking is mandatory. Experience working in a Consumer
Experience (Voice of the Consumer or Consumer Insights) group. The CX function is new and the CX Analyst will be expected to
help drive awareness & understanding of Design Thinking.

Communication and Collaboration:
The CX Analyst will primarily interact with the CX Strategist and VP of CX however they will be preparing communications &
presentations for ELT members, Marketing Leadership and heads of DTC/Marketing within region.
Team and Building Talent:
The role does not have any direct reports. The CX Analyst will be asked to champion & coach design thinking and CX by using
the methods. The role does not exsist at Under Armour.
Knowledge and Experience
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Bachelors Degree