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Adam Gezelle

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UX Researcher (UXR)
On our team, UX Researchers initiate the first stage of our transformative process, unearthing insights that help drive solutions and playing a pivotal role in targeting the conceptualization of designs and executions. They are charged with finding, synthesizing, and providing actionable and meaningful, evidence-driven user experience insights that will inform our solutions, advocating user needs while harmonizing them with business objectives to help shape desired engagement. The deliverables they produce will serve as empirical beacons for user needs, behaviors, metal models, and methods – and will function as qualitative catalysts for devising, advising, and evolving strategies – from initial research through usability planning, testing, and recommendation reporting.
UX Researchers often inaugurate our collaborative endeavors alongside a variety of team members from other disciplines (E.g., XD and UX/UI, Program Management, Product Leads, Developers, etc.) to ensure exceptional user experiences are manifested and consistently delivered to our customers.

Degrees & Certifications
Years of Experience Core Competence Skills
Problem-Solving Skills
Presentation Skills
Mentorship & Management
Bachelor's Degree in XD or similar field (at a minimum) or a background in relevant fields such as information science, cognitive science, psychology, or marketing. Certifications a plus.
5+ years of industry and agency experience.

Responsibilities include conducting, analyzing, and reporting on user-centered design research. Planning and championing the inclusion of user research strategies and methods into solutions. Leveraging and employing usability research (both online and in the field), uncovering potential mental models for end users, and providing recommendations for improvement of solutions.
Exemplary conceptual thinker and analytical researcher, with excellent oral and written communication and presentation skills and proven ability to solve problems creatively.
Research documentation and strategic insights based on empirical evidence and investigative findings. Conduct usability testing on digital products both in the field and online with the latest methods. Identify users and coordinate participation in testing sessions based on target audiences. Prepare test scripts, analysis and recommendations based on research results. Test business requirements using heuristic / qualitative methods.
Skillfully lead presentations, explaining and articulating – internally and externally – all rationale for recommendations, choices, and solutions.
Foster collaboration and harmonious cooperation with project team members including XD Leads and Designers, UI Leads, Project Managers, Design Technologists, and Developers to forge and ensure integrity of solutions and the ultimate satisfaction of clients.
Some experience coaching and guiding other XD team members on engagements of all scales and subject matter.
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Client Relationships
Software Skills
Knowledge of Technology
Business Development
Role Description
UX Researcher
Be a major proponent in establishing strong bonds, work intimately with clients, and help steer project team towards crafting and implementing quality and successful solutions within mandated time frames and budgets.
Strong computer skills, such as proficiency in common XD tools such as, but not limited to: Sketch, Figma, Adobe CC, and user testing aids and services. Complementary knowledge of supporting software and tools such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.
A conscientious understanding of major software platforms and development technologies and knowledge of the capabilities of front-end principles. Should also be familar with the capabilities and feasibility of potential back-end development solutions when envisioning and strategizing experience design solutions.
Participate in mining additional business and opportunities as needed, from research through conception to presentation.
Must be confident but humble, independent and responsible, disciplined and organized, a motivated self-starter and self-reliant source of dependability and excellence, with the ability to lead others in a collaborative environment.
Remain current and expertly informed regarding industry practices, trending patterns and standards, and relevant and emerging topics and technologies. Should advocate and assist others in this learning.
Inspire, collaborate, and share expertise with colleagues, both for the betterment of client engagements and ultimately the XD group.