UX Design Operations Project Manager

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Erica Schmidt

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Position is 100% remote. 
A successful Design Operations Producer is:
The role calls for excellent project, time, budget, and resource management, and an understanding of different project management ideologies (like waterfall and agile, among others) Finally, this role calls for calm in ambiguous and changing environments.

The Design Operations Producer interfaces between design, product, engineering and manages how they work together.

Also DesignOps is about creating a culture of user centricity and agility over time. It puts design not as just another step along the way, but as a continuous ritual of handovers and feedback.

Creative Production Operations

• Maintain and document design processes - Review, improve and maintain process for PO reviews, engineering handoff, archiving of work etc.
•Maintain software and workflow standards. Always keeping an eye on everything from Figma plugins to workflow innovations and software solutions that could improve our team’s day to day life.
•Define and maintain accessibility and HIPPA standards and best practices within design.
Design System Librarian
• Maintain design system – find and correct errors, update teams when changes are needed, maintain changelog history.

• Proactively find solutions within Figma/design system to allow for faster production times.
• QA and review designs for vertical product teams, while acting as a design system ambassador.
• Maintain working relationship with Engineering teams to ensure the react libraries match design libraries. All the while working to find places our process can be more empathetic to engineering needs.

Research Operations
•Aggregate Product and design initiated research asks into a high level roadmap, so that Researchers can be most effective across teams.
•Track recruiting and budget for external research participants, so that participants receive clear communication and proper incentives.

Team/Resource Operations
• Hiring and team balance – Work with UX leads to manage workload overview of entire team, ensuring we have the right number of folks focused on the right areas.
• Onboarding - Document onboarding experiences, best practices, team rituals etc.
• Education and leveling up – identify what skills are missing and how we can support the team’s career development.