Director, Digital Brand Media

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Debra Powell

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This senior-level leadership position is accountable for leading the development and implementation of integrated brand digital media strategy, connecting business and marketing objectives. Responsibilities include bringing forth extensive experience applying data and analytics to understanding audience behavior and the changing media landscape across the brand.

The position reports to the Executive Director Brand Services. The position establishes and maintains working relationships with employees at various organizational levels; with external vendors and contractors as appropriate; and with incumbents in management levels of the Marketing and Communications organization as needed.

Set departments structure and develop team roles and responsibilities; guide overarching brand media strategy and investment.
Define team goals, SLAs with stakeholders and external partners.
Use data as critical tool to inform strategic direction / quantify impact of marketing activities; infer correct outcome.
Continually develop new mechanisms to understand how to drive efficiency / impact to marketing programs; champion use of data and technology.
Possess deep understanding of targeting, segmentation, analytics; effectively anticipate shifts in industry and media usage; leverage data to develop brand media strategies that drive engagement and growth for the business.
Champion balance between long-term brand building and immediate goals of a campaign.
Direct team to perform deep dive analysis to identify and solve for the root-cause of problems; audit and ask probing questions; critique analysis; push team to make right balance of timeliness and thoroughness in the analysis.
Foster team environment that encourages experimentation; quickly iterate and dynamically course-correct based on new data.
Motivate team to act quickly on issues and opportunities and help properly prioritize the biggest opportunities.
Perform other duties as assigned.


More than 10 years Media strategy, planning and buying or performance marketing either at or with an agency; Understanding of emerging channels
8 years High depth of knowledge of digital: Video, Social, Programmatic, Search (and traditional channels); how best to tell story, curate communities and efficiently amplify content to drive action
8 years Demonstrated success delivering against a wide variety of campaign goals from brand development to demand gen
6 years Deep understanding of targeting/segmentation and analytics; anticipates shifts in industry and media usage, leverages data to develop strategies to drive engagement and drive business growth
Preferred Knowledge of healthcare industry is preferred.


Excellent interpretation of complex statistical data
Strong verbal communication and listening skills
Develops and delivers effective presentations
Ability to lead/manage others
Effectively coaches and delivers constructive feedback

Works effectively and constructively with a creative, strategy, content teams and with clients
Knowledge of print, digital, social, broadcast as it applies to media distribution
Ability to effectively use a Macintosh computer system; PC
Detail oriented; assesses performance, makes recommendations and improves outcomes.
Ability to deliver superior media plans in a high volume environment with deadlines and budget constraints.