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Surrey, BC
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Tannah Castro

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One of our valued clients is seeking a part-time Graphic Designer to work remotely for a long term temporary assignment.

Duties & Responsibilities

Responsible for the creative concept, design and execution (together with the Writer/Researcher and other department members or outside suppliers) of various communication vehicles, including advertising, promotions, web materials, collateral material, direct mail and others that will contribute to the achievement of communications objectives for all areas of the company.


The designer will be asked to reproduce maps quite a bit in adobe Illustrator and lay out ads, etc. in Adobe Indesign.

1. Develops formal design concepts and strategies, considering communication objectives, allocated budgets, intended audience, Corporate image and standards, quality standards and other factors for review by Communication Services Manager and/or client.
2. Carries out creative design including selection of typestyles, graphics and other design elements to maintain Corporate image and related standards and contribute to the achievement of communication objectives, paying particular attention to how choices affect desired image and message.
3. Oversees and participates in the production of all communication materials, ensuring from an artistic standpoint that quality standards are met within time and budget parameters.
o develops a network of external resources including photographers, illustrators, designers, web designers, typesetters, printers and paper distributors and (together with Print Production Coordinator), selects resources to address specific project requirements; supervises external resources, ensuring that work is performed within acceptable standards and agreed upon budgets;
o coordinates and oversees external photography including researching and procuring stock photos; and/or securing sites, attending photo shoots, gathering and arranging props, selecting models, arranging composition, etc.;
o coordinates and oversees external artwork by preparing preliminary sketches to demonstrate desired composition, communication objectives, etc.;
o produces camera-ready art through typesetting using a variety of design software;
o creates required proofs for all print materials, using the necessary techniques at various stages of the production process for Manager/client approval; also checks blue-line proofs (produced by printer) and oversees printer press checks (on-site), monitoring for ink coverage, density, image sharpness, registration and color control; and signs off press check approval on behalf of the client.
4. May liaise with clients to discuss and define communication objectives and allocated budgets. Encourages clients to consider both their present and future communication needs so that proper planning can keep costs to a minimum. Obtains agreement on preliminary recommendations regarding creative approaches and techniques, appropriate for the given objectives budget.
5. Keeps up to date on design software and hardware, ensuring that appropriate upgrades and new technology are incorporated into existing computer configuration.
6. Performs duties of a minor nature related to the above duties which do not affect the rating of the job.

1. Completion of a two year diploma in graphic design.
2. Three (3) years' experience working as a graphic artist in a business environment (preferably advertising) with an emphasis on concept development, print materials, advertising and web-related materials.
3. Demonstrated talent in the design of advertising with measurable communication objectives in a business environment.
4. Demonstrated talent in the direction of art and photography.
5. Thorough understanding of the complete range of print production processes.
6. Sound working knowledge of Macintosh systems operation, environment and peripherals. Advanced knowledge of applications and specialized software in use in the department including Quark Express, Adobe Illustrator, PhotoShop, InDesign, and web-related software.
7. Good communication, interpersonal and team player skills.
8. Demonstrated ability to organize and prioritize work and meet strict deadlines.
9. Excellent project management skills.
10. Knowledge of website design is essential.