Gaming Level Designer 2

Vancouver, BC
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Deanne Gilman

Job Description:

• Contribute to the overall gameplay execution in the assigned levels and be able to work collaboratively with art, animation, audio, engineering, and design to create memorable experiences.
• Collaborate effectively and take the initiative to bring parties together to execute on the vision for the levels.
• Prototype, conceptualize, build, script, and tune levels for the game.
• Invent and integrate events and gameplay mechanics, with a focus on creating memorable experiences that will delight our consumers.
• Help finalize the game mechanics by white-boxing and prototyping environments in which those mechanics will be used.
• Share your creativity, knowledge and best practices with other level designers.

• Must have 5+ years of experience in video games.
• Extensive hands on experience developing single-player levels. Prior work with the Unreal editor is highly desirable.
• Ability to create visual assets (ie. models, textures etc.) in addition to being proficient with scripting in Kismet.
• Thorough knowledge of the game development process.
• Must be a student and fan of the industry and be able to talk intelligently about top franchises in the 1st/3rd person genre.
• Works well under deadlines and has strong verbal and written communication skills.