AAA game Narrative Designer

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Shawn Sharp

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The core of this role is scripting the in-mission and gameplay system dialogue (combat chatter). The Narrative Designer collaborates closely with Gameplay and Mission Designers and the Audio team while taking direction from the Narrative Producer and Lead Campaign Designer. Their role is to ensure seamless integration of story and gameplay.

• In engine scripting of mission dialogue. Integrate material from written scripts using robo-voice or recorded audio into the level scripting to achieve the best possible narrative gameplay experience.
• Tracking and management of in game dialogue. Participate in reviews of level dialogue, note and execute changes and track progress of each mission’s status.
• Support implementation and tracking of the combat chatter system, working with Systems designers, the Audio team and the Narrative team.
• Work with the Narrative Lead, Producer, Writers, and Campaign Designers to execute the intended narrative vision, communicate updates, solve creative challenges and provide feedback.
• Implementation of in game narrative text and pick-ups. Implement in-game systems and written content such as objectives, collectibles, menu and UI text.
• Tracking and management of narrative-related game assets for localization, such as in-game dialogue and text.
• Narrative tools and pipeline management. Work with Audio and Design teams to ensure systems and tools involved with narrative design work are as efficient and relevant as possible.

• 2-3+ years of experience in video games with 1 shipped title.
• Understanding of game development process and workflows.
• A passion for games and an understanding of game design and narrative design for games.
• Ear for dialogue and audio; understand takes, context and relevance of lines for characters.
• Scripting experience in a single player game (Unreal experienced preferred)
• In-depth knowledge of industry trends in interactive storytelling, with a genuine interest in creatively advancing the story medium
• Excellent communication, collaboration, interpersonal, and organizational skills
• Proven ability at successful multi-tasking under great pressure
• A passion for shooters and action games