Technician V

Corvallis, OR
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Stephanie Nichols

Job Description:

We are seeking talent to be responsible for performing varied and general tasks involved in the manufacturing process. Responsibilities include assisting supervisory and non-supervisory employees with various tasks.

An individual in this role will apply extensive knowledge of the job skills, company policies and procedures to complete complex, specialized assignments/tasks in creative and effective ways. Comprehensive understanding of the general/technical aspects of the job is required. This person will work on assignments that are complex in nature and require judgment, initiative, and technical/specialized knowledge to resolve said problems and/or develop recommended solutions. Work is completed with minimal supervision and assignments may be completed without established procedures.

These tasks may include, but are not limited to: 

  • Basic manufacture, assembly, installation or processing of components, subsystems or systems
  • Operation of basic hand tools
  • Operation of assigned production/manufacturing machinery,
  • Compiling data for reports  Assisting with daily collection of production statistics
  • Scheduling work for designated area of operation
  • Perform routine operating maintenance on one or more types of equipment
  • Assisting new employees
  • Work with other work units/departments, both internal and possibly external to the company
  • May be responsible for customer design programs and software utilization.


  • High school education or equivalent; some college level education preferred.
  • Competent general administrative skills/ knowledge of most operations areas.
  • Usually works with multiple projects and has the experience/ability to support multiple areas of operations.
  • Regarded as a key manufacturing associate of the work unit/department.