Corvallis, OR
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Stephanie Nichols

Job Description:

We are seeking talent who are multi-disciplined support technical resources.  Individuals may be selected to work in one or more fast-paced Work Centers (see below).

Successful candidates will meet the following criteria:

  • Some post high school education. Preference will be given to 2 year technical degrees. Engineering or advanced degrees not required.
  • Candidates need to be familiar with MS Office applications and can navigate web pages.
  • Ability to precisely follow written instructions.
  • Attention to detail paramount.
  • Some work history demonstrating physical labor. Tasks may include carrying up to 20kg containers short distances or pushing heavy carts. Access to work area requires navigation of stairs.

Work Center 1: Individuals in this position are expected to be a multi-disciplined engineering support technical resource for the operation and preventative maintenance of 3D printers, and related process support equipment sets, with an emphasis on safety. The primary responsibility of this individual is to work in a lab environment to operate 3D printers, manually process printed parts, and prepare parts for data collection. The secondary responsibility of this individual is to keep the equipment and work environment in a clean and presentable state. The tertiary responsibility of this individual is to perform preventative maintenance on equipment. This role will involve working with a team in order to resolve technical issues using a wide variety of technical skills, including running processes and experiments, post processing, cleaning and maintaining lab space and equipment, etc.

Work Center 2: Individuals in this position are expected to measure parts using a variety of manual and automated processes. Attention to detail and ability to spend hours collecting and entering data are a must. In addition to operation of measuring equipment, individuals will be responsible for scheduled preventative maintenance and troubleshooting.