Tagging Operations Program Manager

North Wales, PA
Job Terms:
Start date:
Jan. 1
Posted By:
Rachel Hettinger

Job Description:

The Tagging Operations Product Manager is responsible for supporting digital engagement teams in ensuring that all assets and tactics are tagged appropriately in adherence to guidelines and standards from the Digital Capabilities team. You'll be involved in the process that will include content metadata, channel tags, 3rd party and media tags that drives strategic insights about what truly drives customer engagement. 

You'll be involved in everything from production environments to rolling out to stakeholder teams. Be ready to leverage what is available in the ecosystem, in addition to, provide future recommendation on a holistic quality assurance approach. You'll be documenting tagging requirements by project, coordinating implementation with cross-functional teams, and building and managing the tagging project plan.

Primary Responsibilities:

• Manage the collaboration of multiple stakeholders
• Identify & Translate measurement requirements into tagging needs
• Map requirements to standard and custom capabilities
• Communicate tagging requirements to necessary operations counterparts
• Develop and oversee the execution of tagging project plans
• Partner with brands to identify future needs and conduct demand planning

Competencies and Experiences:

  • Tagging processes with a focus on Identifying & documenting tagging requirements based on brand marketing strategy
  • Working with cross functional teams with competing priorities, Including managing internal and external stakeholders
  • Understanding tagging structures, Tealium, Google Analytics, CRM, and Content Management Systems
  • Planning and overseeing projects and project plans from requirements definition through implementation

Must have:

  • An undergraduate degree in Marketing, Business Administration, or Related Field
  • Understanding of Google Analytics, Tableau, or other Analytics & Visualization Platforms and how they fit into the Tagging Lifecycle
  • Working Knowledge of Tealium, Google Analytics and/or other Tag Management Software
  • Working Knowledge of CRM & Content Management Software
  • Expert Ability to Convert Brand and Marketing Strategies and Measurement Requirements into Technical Requirements
  • Working Knowledge of Asset Development Lifecycles & Practices
  • 1-3 Years Experience Completing Hands-On Tagging Web or Content Tagging Implementation, Marketing Program Management, or Campaign Management