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San Francisco, California
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Megan Holstine

Job Description:

We are looking for a talented and skilled Junior Copywriter for a top Fashion and Retail client in San Francisco. This Copywriter creates, proofreads, and self-edits copy that clearly communicates marketing messages and our client's factory personality. This role is responsible for the creation of copy with regards to both promotional and product materials, working closely with the design team to create a best-in-class customer experience. The position will need to cultivate a deep understand of brand pillars and the commercial plan/marketing objectives in order to bring product stories to life in a creative, thoughtful manner. Their Factory team is responsible for creating messaging across all touchpoints (in-store, email, web, social, radio) and is accountable for developing the experience, measured by engagement and sales.



• Concept seasonal product stories, collaborating with photo, design, marketing, and merchandising.
• Write, self-edit, and proof copy for digital and in-store collateral, including site marketing copy, social media, email messages, promotions, and other projects as needed.
• Be able to work as part of a team or independently.
• Work with producers, designers, marketing partners, merchants, cross-brand colleagues, and others to determine creative execution.
• Ensure that copy has stylistic sign-off and legal approvals before releasing.
• Collaborate with designers to ensure that copy communicates effectively within a layout.
• Meet deadlines and attend and participate in meetings as required.
• Work with other members of editorial, design, marketing, production, merchandising, and outside vendors as required.

• Excellent command of the English language and grammar.
• Ability to adapt writing to Factory voice.
• Strong and flexible writing, editing, and proofreading skills.
• Ability to interact productively during brainstorming and kick-off meetings, work independently, and communicate information among team members.
• Excellent organizational skills, keen attention to detail, and ability to prioritize projects and meet deadlines.
• Proficient in Microsoft Word. Working knowledge of Excel, Outlook, and Internet programs, issues, and protocols (preferred).
• B.A. in English, creative writing, journalism, or related field.
• Three to five years of professional writing experience, preferably in an online or direct-communications environment. Fashion retail experience preferred.


What are the Top 3-5 Skills needed to perform this role/job?:

 - Ability to write in-season copy (ranging from email to social to in-store) in the Gap/Gap Factory voice, adhering closely to evolving brand guidelines

 - Ability to ideate on marketing direction and creatively craft a best-in-class customer-facing experience while addressing all objectives 

- Work closely with design to create an optimal experience that merges copy and design in the best manner possible 


Top aspects our client is looking for in a candidate:

- Experience working with cross-functional teams, including marketing, production, and merchandising 

- Sharp attention to detail 

- High level organizational skills and ability to deal with multiple teams/projects simultaneously

 - Knockout verbal and written communication skills 

-  B.A. in English, creative writing, journalism, or related field.

 - Three to five years of professional writing experience, preferably in an online or direct-communications environment. Fashion retail experience preferred.

-  Basic Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc.)

 - Strong written and verbal communication skills with ability to analyze data and make informed creative decisions as a result


 Top 3-5 soft skills:

- Ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment, dealing with ambiguity and change 

- Experience working and negotiating with cross-functional teams 

- Customer-centric lens in order to create the best product possible 

Client Description:

Our Client is an Fortune 500 Apparel Retailer that has grown from a single store to a global business throughout its 46 year run!

Talent placed here are given the autonomy to be hands-on decision makers from day one. The company's leadership assumes a supportive role and applies a collaborative management style, offering the guidance and insight to help transform your suggestions into strategies.

This is an environment where co-workers are constantly challenging each other to learn and grow in their roles every day, which energizes the office, and creates forward motion, both on a personal level, and as a company. They’re experimenting with their digital reach, using tech as a catalyst for industry change - both online and in stores. With such robust focus and investment on innovation, employees have the opportunity to directly contribute to the changing landscape of the retail world!

The company culture here is one of relaxed, inclusive community with an ever-present focus on learning and development - both for the individual team member as well as the projects and initiatives that are driving the company forward. And, with tons of cool volunteering opportunities and initiatives, employees have the chance to become influential community leaders as they work for positive change.