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Long Island, NY
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Robin Legator

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This newly created Director of Digital & Web Services is the gatekeeper of the institution's internal and external web properties and supporting technologies. This position oversees functionality, technology standards, and professionals to keep 10+ separate web properties at or above industry standard. S/he maintains a strategic overview of the Lab’s digital assets and prioritizes changes, updates, and enhancements based on a consideration of the degree to which they will further our strategic and operational goals and brand identity.

This is a highly collaborative role, requiring significant skill at navigating competing goals among federated web entities and institutional units. The DWS will enable various divisions and departments that use web properties to achieve their operating and business objectives and optimize their web-based operations while also promoting the overall institution's brand.

General responsibilities include:

  • Creating and chairing a committee of institutional stakeholders with internal and external web properties (Web Governance Committee or WGC); managing a small Web Services team that will collaborate with and leverage the skills of key web professionals who are part of departments and divisions to support the web properties of the Lab;  institutional forum for setting and enforcing institutional priorities, that respect and enhance division and department web operations.
  • Collaborating with management to develop an institutional digital roadmap that sets priorities, drives web development that achieves functionality objectives and brand/design guidelines, and trains/supports staff across the institution who interact or are responsible for web properties.
  • Collaborate closely with the Public Affairs Department to maintain/upgrade the institution’s web design and promote the brand across all web properties as defined by Public Affairs Department.
  • Work closely with the COO and General Counsel to ensure the institution’s compliance with laws and regulations that apply to web technology usage and transactions.
  • Management experience in web technology and design projects must be demonstrated, with the ability to work with senior leadership across diverse divisions and departments.
  • Strategy development experience and critical thinking skills is necessary.
  • Experience implementing and overseeing full website production cycles; including development, testing and Q/A: create test plans to evaluate new functionalities before going live; conduct the tests; identify and oversee the resolution of bugs.

The DWS reports to the Chief Information Officer.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
- Chair the WGC to maximize the institution’s ability to effectively manage all of its web properties and resources required to upkeep those properties to industry/user standards
- Serve as institutional technologist, providing hands-on expertise in web development and technical support to identify digital trends, develop user experience recommendations, and contribute digital ideas to broaden and strengthen internal and external digital properties.
- Lead the institution in defining key metrics and leveraging analytics to drive business insights and identify digital opportunities, particularly as they relate to strategic impact and effectiveness.
- Synthesize design or functionality requests from divisions and departments and translate them into meaningful additions to the institution’s web platform/presence
- Manage web server strategy/contracts across all institutional properties
- Manage web security across all institutional properties
- Ensure regulatory compliance across all institutional properties
- Manage institution-wide training for division and department staff responsible for creating and deploying content
- Report regularly to COO on strategy development and metrics, based on multi-year plan that he/she will develop
- Develop and implement multi-year institutional web plan approved and revisited annually by COO and President
- Manage Web Services team of developers and designers to support CMS, servers and other web platforms
- Lead the planning, budgeting, and forecasting of the Web Services team and oversee management of their respective areas of responsibility.
- Mentor team members
- Build organizational capacity/readiness to drive innovative digital solutions, and the creation of systems and processes to support efficiency and effectiveness within the team and across the campus.

Position Requirements:

  • Individuals will need a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field, with a Master’s degree in a related field preferred.
  • Relevant technology, architecting, or content platform work experience is important.
  • Specific experience with HTML, WordPress, PHP, Drupal, Pantheon server is desired as is working knowledge of, CSS, HTML5, JSON, XML, .Net, C#, Java, JavaScript, SQL.