Senior UI Designer / Art Director

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Christie Bridges

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Our client, a major beauty company is looking for an incredible talented Senior UI Designer/Art Director level candidate for Digital.

This should be someone who is experienced with creating digital forward cosmetics campaigns. Candidate must be extremely talented, have a positive attitude, able to work in a fast-paced and productive way, understanding of UX/UI and should live and breath digital. 

This candidate will be concepting digital campaigns, tentpole moments, and evolving our look on a Global level.  They will need great computer skills, such as Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, XD, Invision, and Abstract.  They would need to have a mature attitude towards work (yes sometimes late nights), collaborate well with cross functional teams and be an independent worker who can articulate their POV/concept during presentations. They are looking for people who are more executators at this junction, one who really can bring relevant ideas, and design the digital consumer stories well.