Supplier Cost Recovery Negotiator

Spring, TX
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Start date:
July 1
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Stephanie Nichols

Job Description:

Our technology client has the best product quality and reliability in the industry. However, when product quality is compromised and affects multiple Customers, a specialized team is put in place to mitigate the financial and operational impact to the Customer and to the organization. That team is led by the Supplier Cost Recovery Negotiator who engages with engineering teams, suppliers, and ODM partners to assess liability based on contractual obligations, determines the costs associated with the issue, and negotiates with the responsible party to recover applicable costs. Our client is looking for a tenacious individual with strong negotiation, data analytics, communications, and (preferably) technical skills and experience to fill this program manager role.   



• Participate as needed in customer calls to help drive solutions and customer satisfaction 

• Help determine the best resolution strategy and approach 

• Work with Regional Teams to determine the remediation costs incurred by the organization associated with the Customer resolution (repairs material and labor, replacements, etc). 

• Work with the Engineering and Quality teams to determine the extent of the supplier responsibility 

• Understand the contractual obligations of our suppliers and assess their liability 

• Negotiate a fair and equitable cost and Customer satisfaction resolution 

• Ensure new costs are tallied and submitted to the supplier quarterly 

• Determine the proper financial distribution within the organization and work with the Financial Teams to ensure execution 

• Update program tracker and management on program progress 


Knowledge and Skills: 

• Personality Traits: Self-motivated, driven, and tenacious while also being a team player and relationship builder. Must also be detail oriented and able to quickly learn all aspect of the program being work. 

• Negotiation Skills: Track record of strong negotiation skills when working with data and financials, able to reach fair / win-win resolutions in a timely fashion. Requires the ability to understand both the organizations needs and contractual rights as well as the Suppliers’ concerns and desires. 

• Data Skills: Able to understand detailed service and financial data to build a strong and defendable case. As needed, work with data experts to resolve any data issues or gather additional data. This requires strong Excel and data analytic skills. Information is your greatest asset. 

• Working with Suppliers: Experience working and negotiating with Suppliers, Partners, or other 3rd Parties 

• Communications Skills: This role requires strong people and communication skills to align all parties to a common resolution. Ability to influence others to their way of thinking. Proven ability to work across cultures and in multiple time zones. 

• Problem Solving Skills: Able to assess multiple factors (service data, root cause analysis, contract rights, personalities, business relationships, etc) and construct a resolution that is acceptable and fair to all parties. 

• Program Management Skills: Ability to successfully manage the overall project scope, timeline, communications, costs, resources, etc in an effective manner. 

• Technical Understanding: While not expecting a technical expert, must be able to work with technical subject matter experts and understand the details of an issue (root cause, testing results, industry standards, etc) to reasonably understand a Suppliers point(s) of discussion or disagreement. 

• Customer Support Understanding: Experience working with a Customer support organization is a big plus. 


Education and Experience: 

• 7+ years in Procurement, Legal, or Business roles that include negotiations based on data or financials. 

• Undergraduate or graduate degree(s) in Law, Business, Engineering, or other applicable areas. 

• MBA preferred. 

• Experience at an electronics company (PCs, board design/manufacturing, etc) or customer support organization would be a plus.