AAA Gameplay Designer

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Shawn Sharp

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Our client in Vancouver needs a designer to champion the player experience!

• Represent the player perspective in all bug and triage discussions. Assist with review of the bug database and propose demotion and promotion of bugs that are relevant to the impact on the player experience or product goals.

• Understand player patterns, using both data driven and anecdotal methods to be able to understand and communicate the desires of the audience and assist with pack designs

• Partner with both the BI team and the Community team to study and evaluate telemetry data, including purchase patterns, item usage, as well as forum feedback and player poll results that might assist in pack creation.

• Assist with the design features for post-launch releases that have meaningful impact on the audience to maximize engagement and retention.


Create new monetization opportunities

• Propose and execute on pack tuning designs, with clear thoughts to MTX offering, and balancing player satisfaction. Be able to understand and communicate the goals for each pack.

• Assist with the design for desirable content for post-launch releases, including characters, weapon skins, promotional partnership opportunities and multiplayer assets.

• Interpret long term product goals from Live Manager and strategies for themed and special event content and features.

• Assist in the design process for new features that promote the team’s monetization goals.

• Work with BI to evaluate player purchase patterns and inform ongoing strategies to increase player engagement and pack design.


Assist in the live design process

• Pitch features and content to stakeholders based on data or insight from the above two sections

• Prototype/paper design and features that are requested of you.

• User story creation or concept art requirements for any design briefs you own.

• Documentation (including notifying stakeholders when documentation changes).

• Assist in any planning sessions for briefs that you own.

• Participate in regular sync ups with the team delivering design to ensure they remain on track.

• Provide feedback loops through the design creation process.

• Sign-off user stories upon completion for any briefs you own.



Tuning and balancing

• Understand and be able to change the tuning curves, logic and rules for all card systems and player progression. Anything that could impact the monetization patterns of players.

• Assist with the maintenance for playlist and map rotation that achieves a strong user experience and meets the goals of the Live team

• Collaborate with the community team to come up with compelling live events


Communicate the design

• Be able to express design in terms of the goals/hypothesis of the design and in addition the KPI’s to measure success.

• Work with the community team to ensure that new content and features are marketed and expressed in the most positive light. Provide all documentation and materials as needed.

• Provide any learnings or experience insight into other products and MTX strategies.

• Collaborate and partner with the Live producer, Creative Director, Lead Campaign Designer, and Lead MP Designer to understand future product direction that will inform ongoing content designs and release planning.