Renewal Manager for sales account management teams!

Indianapolis, IN
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Lucas Manzaneres

Job Description:

With the news of COVID19 spreading, Aquent is committed to ensuring the safety and well being of our employees. This includes providing technology to support video interviews, resources and support for employees to work from home successfully, and fully covered healthcare for eligible employees. 


About the role

Candidate will be responsible for the management of contract renewals with existing customers. 90-120 days prior to a renewal, this candidate will be responsible for communicating with the sales/account management teams as well as the customer, that they are up for a renewal. They will go over the terms and conditions, make any necessary changes/modifications requested by the customer, and streamline contract issues and the overall customer renewal experience. They will also be responsible for pulling reports and analyzing current data associated to the customer as well as forecasting any risk associated with the revenue up for renewal.

Top Skills:

1) Previous experience with Salesforce products/applications, specifically Sales Cloud
2) Previous experience with Contract Renewal or Renewal Management
3) Prior Sales experience, comfort and knowledge of working with and interfacing with customers on current solution set, negotiations, and issue resolution. Importance of making this process as streamlined as possible.

Other Skills Preferred/Needed:
- An individual that is flexible, agile, and adaptable will be successful. Each day is different and changes often.
- The current workload is extremely high so someone who can deal with that is also important.
- An individual with 1-2 years sales experience would be very ideal and preferred by the manager but is not required.
- Negotiation skills preferred.