Software Engineer - Back End / API

Denver, CO
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Competitive w/ full benefits
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PJ Farnham

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What We Do

We seek to change the way individuals manage their healthcare by focusing on the features that matter to our customers, building software in a modern, lean way, and deploying continuously into the cloud. As the team building out provider search APIs, we seek help our members effectively find the care they need.

What You'll Do

Our server teams are focused on building out a provider search API that is used by multiple applications serving millions of our members. As the number of members using our services increase, we are looking to transition our provider search APIs to better support our members and downstream applications. Our teams will be working to incorporate new features, refactor existing services to bring greater stability, and scalability, and build new services.

In any given day you will:
• Contribute code and tests according to criteria established by our product team
• Work with product to break down and plan sprint work to help us achieve our long-term goals
• Monitor, troubleshoot and support our applications in production
• Seek opportunities to improve the foundation of our code
• Learn new skills in terms of software development, engineering practices and cloud engineering


• Experience developing and deploying microservices
• An open mind about different solutions and a willingness to discuss alternatives
• 3 years software development experience
• 1-2 years API development experience

• Experience deploying and maintaining services in production serving millions of users
• Experience deploying and maintaining services on AWS, specifically with ECS and RDS
• Experience with our current stack (Ruby, Node, AWS, Docker)

Client Description:

Our Client:

  • Is considered by Fast Company to be amongst the most innovative companies
  • Is listed by Forbes as one of the world’s most admired companies
  • Makes it their mission to guide people toward better health
  • This includes altering the products they offer at retail to more health-conscious offerings!

Our client has recently made a move toward a major merger, which means this is a great time to get involved! Two big industry brands coming together.

Working here gets you into a fast-paced environment, with tons of cross-functional working relationships. You’d have exposure to a number of teams related to any project you’re working on, and we sometimes see freelancers convert to permanent employees on teams they’ve had the opportunity to interact with. This is definitely a standout opportunity!


We care about your CAREER GOALS.

  • We offer resume & portfolio review + interview prep. You'll feel set for success!
  • Learn for free: https://thegymnasium.com/
  • Who is AQUENT: www.youtube.com/watch?v=5z-n8nfytuM
  • Pay it forward: https://aquent.com/rewards/

Working with AQUENT gets you access to some pretty cool things, including:

  • Subsidized (up to 85%) of your health, vision and dental benefits
  • Access to Fidelity 401(k) and FSA Program
  • Direct deposit for your weekly paycheck
  • Check our Benefits out.  Up to 85% subsidy